FREE MARX Bros. Graphic Novel Download!

Here is your MARX Bros. Graphic Novel Download! FREE

This 8 page preview is an amazing overview of things to come!

Written and Illustrated by SPAZ Master Rik Sansone and help from SPAZ Contributor NOAH DIAMOND.

See Noah in the revival of The Marx Bros.’ “I’ll Say She Is”!

The Connelly Theater NYC June 2-July

The Marx Brothers – From Birth To Broadway DLMARX-AD-052516


3 thoughts on “FREE MARX Bros. Graphic Novel Download!

      • Thanks for the information. The preview looks great! You may have already investigated this but there is a comic company called American Mythology that is currently publishing new Three Stooges comic stories. They’ve also published books with other characters (Pink Panther, Underdog, the Land that Time Forgot, etc) from the past so they may be open to a Marx Brothers publication. Just a thought.


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